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To rename or change the privacy settings of a project, follow these instructions.

To rename your project, simply click the project name at the top of the project view and enter the new name inline. You can also click the '...' on the top right of the project view and select "Rename Project."
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If you need to change privacy settings, like who can access the project, click the '...' button and select ”Edit Share Options."

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On the share options popover, you can changed a shared project to private or invite only by clicking "Make Private."

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You can also invite guests to your project by clicking Invite Guests. You can also invite General members by clicking this link if the Team is unlocked. Just enter their name or email address into the field that appears in the Invite Members dialog and click “Add members”.

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You can also make changes to project notes and project timelines in the project view. Simply click the timeline link below the project name and choose new start and/or end dates from the calendar popover.

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To edit a project note, just click the note field and make your changes inline.

Using drag and drop, you can also reorder your projects in the sidebar, as well as add and remove projects from groups.

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