A Flow Success Story: Bright Fox Agency

From Job Jackets to Task & Projects:

How Flow Modernized Bright Fox Agency

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Client service businesses sure don’t have it easy. Not only do they need to fret about exceptional internal communication just like everyone else, but they have the added necessity of keeping their clients happy. Communication truly makes or breaks even the most talented agencies.

Prior to starting her own shop at Bright Fox Agency, Lindsay Podrid worked at a traditional agency and witnessed firsthand how communication can go awry. “All my years at agencies, we used a paper and email system,” says Lindsay. “It involved a lot of ‘job jackets’. They were folders that had print­outs and hand written notes on them. It made for a lot of confusion. You had to pass the folder from person to person when it was their turn to work on the job.”

When she started Bright Fox Agency with a business partner, they left behind the tyranny of job jackets, but realized that they still needed something. “We had a big sheet of paper on the wall in the office that we would manage workflow on,” says Lindsay. “We knew almost immediately that we needed a solution.”

The switch to Flow made a massive difference for Bright Fox on both the internal and client side. Flow even made it simple for their contractors to drop in on their projects as needed, and get an employee-­level sense of where their work fit in.

Lindsay and her team even found a way to bring job jackets into the 21st century, using Kanban Boards in Flow. “Instead of creating individual projects for each job, we created general buckets for where the job is at in its lifecycle. The buckets are things like Creative Due, and Client Feedback,” says Lindsay. “This gives us a better overall sense where things are at.”

More than anything, though, Flow gave everyone an important sense of what was going on at the agency, and what was needed from each contributor. “You can very quickly figure out what’s going on with each job,” says Lindsay.

By bringing together multiple client projects (as well as fast-­paced internal discussions) to one central area, Flow helps Bright Fox Agency keep tabs on their numerous deadlines, and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Flow lets them focus on what they do best.


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