A Flow Success Story: Aurea Marketing

How Flow Solved Aurea's Work-In-Progress Problem

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Getting a project started is easy. But when that perfectly organized seed of a project grows into a tangled web of tasks and people, things are all too likely to go off the rails.

Stacey Nash knows this all too well: as the VP Marketing at Aurea, she manages a 100% distributed marketing team, and for a while, they were managing without much more than email.

Before Flow, Aurea’s distributed team of writers, designers, and producers would meet once a week to set priorities. “We met every Monday and would review a spreadsheet list of projects, and then we would send a summary email of all actions that were due for the week,” explains Stacey.

Doling out action items was easy enough, but things broke down throughout the week. “There was no easy way to check in and make sure that work was progressing without sending another email, and it didn't allow for shifts and changes in priorities—which can happen fast in our business.” With her team completely distributed, it was difficult to pass work around for reviews and approvals.

When Stacey moved her team to Flow, everyone was working in the same virtual place, and members of her team could suddenly give feedback on works in progress. Work was visible to everyone, and getting a status check was as simple as a glance.

I stopped waking up in the middle of the night wondering if something was getting done, and if it would be on time. I can take a look at the Dashboard and see what the team is producing as it happens—and I don’t have to interrupt anyone.

Stacey Nash, VP Marketing

They’ve even taken advantage of Flow’s flexibility and developed some tricks along the way, like their ‘pass the task’ method. “Rather than create 10 tasks for something that is 10 sequential steps, we will create the task and pass it around to the person responsible as the task progresses,” says Stacey. For a team whose tasks have many contributors, ‘pass the task’ keeps everyone clear on exactly what needs their attention.

For a business with cat­like agility such as Aurea, managing their tasks in Flow keeps them lean and ready for whatever comes next. Everyone can think less about how stuff gets done, and more about doing it. Stacey sums it up perfectly: “Flow’s just how we do things.”


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