Flow Success Stories

Thousands of teams around the world rely on Flow every day to stay organized, be productive, and focus on the work that matters.


Flow helps the high-performing, autonomous creative team at WeBuild focus on the right things.


Without Flow, I don’t think we would have the level of clarity that we do. It’s been indispensable.

Evan Shoemaker, Founder/CEO


Bench's rapidly growing team tried dozens of task management tools. Then they found Flow, and it stuck.


We’ve tried every possible product over the years, and Flow is the only tool that has ever stuck.

Adam Saint, VP Design

Bright Fox

Everyone gets an immediate sense of where each Bright Fox project is at—including their clients.


You can very quickly figure out what’s going on with each job.

Lindsay Podrid, Partner

Aurea Marketing

Aurea is a 100% distributed team, and they're using Flow to keep work organized and visible.


I stopped waking up in the middle of the night wondering if something was getting done, and if it would be on time. I can take a look at the Dashboard and see what the team is producing as it happens—and I don’t have to interrupt anyone.

Stacey Nash, VP Marketing


Flow helps Dribbble's entirely-remote company keep half a million users happy, every day.


“I think knowing that everybody has one place to look to find the work that they need to do, for a remote team [especially], is very important.”


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