Meet Flow: a single finance workflow tool that lets you track everything in your company, coordinate with stakeholders, and prioritize work on the fly

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Plan and prioritize

Plan ahead and track progress of your financial plan with project timelines. Adjust and prioritize tasks effortlessly, subscribe managers, and share timely updates with team members.

Task Management

Track budgets and payroll

Use task lists to stay on top of budgets and payroll. Use section headings in the Projects Dashboard to visualize and organize your workflows.

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Get payment reminders

Set up recurring tasks and checklists to make sure you never miss a payment.

More powerful than a spreadsheet: Flow makes it easy to stay on top of budgets and payroll, track expenses, and manage requests for all of your engineering team's projects and initiatives

Accounts receivable/payable

Easily assign follow ups and provide additional context to tasks with comments.


Keep track of all exceptions and reduce processing errors.

Monthly close

Instead of starting from scratch each time, set up repeating tasks and assign to available team members as needed.

Expense approval

Instead of sending a blanket reminder, document exactly when and who you need to approve expenses for.

Financial forecasts

Include timely updates to your forecasts, so your data won’t go stale.

Payment reminders

Track and assign payments with ease and plan large expenses more confidently.

If you manage large teams, there is no better accountability software than Flow. Unlike emails which get lost, and mindless meetings where everyone makes empty commitments, Flow is our system of truth.

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